I started this blog not too long ago mostly because I was excited to see that Blogger had made many significant changes and I am always one to jump on new beta versions. What can I say? I love technology. [update (5/15/07): now I’m using WordPress because it’s better]

Since then, I have been made to rethink my purpose and intentions here, as God has reminded me who I am in Him. Thanks to Boundless and a recent series about blogging, I have decided to proceed forward in a new vein. Most likely, I will still include thoughts and ideas that I have, but hopefully with a new vision in mind – one that is specific to honoring God.

I’m still just a normal guy with his little spot on the internet. But I want it to be obvious that I’m a Christian just as much as I am a guy. I believe in God just as much as I use a computer to blog.

Two Boundless articles really caught my attention:

Blogging: The History and the Spirit talks about the traditional use of blogs – many times it is a place for people to spout off their frustrations or just do something extreme so as to be noticed by the internet community. However, the blogosphere can be used for telling others about Christ just as any other method of communication can be.

Christ seeks us out in interesting ways. Sometimes He uses a friend, sometimes a stranger, sometimes a song on the radio or a book found in a yard sale. We know He uses word of mouth — after all, that’s how He got started. He may even use blogs.

The second article, Blog Responsibly, focused on what we say online. I don’t want to simply resort to first reactions or extreme frustrations and sarcastic comments dispelling things I find. Sure, I’m still going to have fun here and I’m sure that will include sarcasm, but I will be careful not to insult others in doing so. I hope to be held accountable to that by God, myself, and anyone out there reading.

I know this will be a great thing for me and my blog, as I am aiming to please God. What better goal could there be? If it only helps me, I will praise God for that. If others join in, may God receive all the blessing exponentially.


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