My job is incredible. I should rephrase that: the people at my job are incredible. The only word for it, and one that is often used is “family.”

I have been given an amazing amount of grace regarding my return date (which is still a ways off). Everyone above me has made sure to let me know that I will be supported and not to worry. If that weren’t enough, they let me attend our annual “party” (for lack of a better word) yesterday and today, even though I won’t be working for a bit.

And with that came everyone’s warmth and enthusiasm to see me. I didn’t realize how much love I had yet to feel after all of this. And I felt so much love today, with people saying just how seriously glad they were to see me. I just about cry to think about it. I’m so touched.

I got to have fun playing games and see friends and spend some really great time getting to know new friends. There was great food, with which I gorged myself and made up for any lack of eating I’ve had over the last few weeks. And I got to play Euchre, which may be my favorite card/board game and has been largely absent from my life since college.

A great big thanks to everyone at work. You all make it hard to not want to come back much sooner rather than later. And when I do, I’ll have to be careful about how much I hang out with folks.

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  1. Dear Brad,
    It’s wonderful to work for a company that treats it’s employees as “family”. They obviously know, that they will have loyalty from employees which is so lacking these days. I’m so gald that Brady is doing well. I know it’s harder for Halle, and yes when she’s home looking for Mommy, will be heartwrenching. It amazes me how well you seem to be doing. I know you have a hard road still ahead of you. I’m glad that you are still blogging, I look forward to reading your new posts. God continues to hold you and your family close to Him. How are Stephanie and your families doing? Take care and may God continue to Bless you and your family.

  2. We were all glad to see you, Brad. We missed you, and it was good to see you smiling and having fun with everyone. Take care of yourself!

  3. I love this entry! I’m praising God for your job and the people you work with right now! What a blessing!

  4. Yeah, it was nice having you back, too bad Lampa didn’t win King, him dancing with Helen would have been uhmmm interesting. :)

  5. How wonderful for you to have had a small escape from reality and have had a most enjoyable afternoon. Once again God showed his grace to you, this time via your employer. While it would be very easy right now to look at your great mis-fortune(because let’s face it, your loss is just awful), I think it is joyous to look at how fortunate you are to not only have wonderful children, parents, family, friends – but also co-workers and employer. I’m so happy for you that you were able to have a “fun” day. Wishing you the best of everything! Love in Christ – your new “friend” from NJ ~Alexis~

  6. Dear Brad,
    I am so glad to hear that you got together with the people you work with, and you were able to escape into their warmth, which brought you some comfort and happiness. I am so happy you enjoyed yourself. Isn’t Euchre one of the best card games! I absolutely love it and have just recently started playing it again.

  7. That’s great that you have such a loving and supporting company. It is truly a blessing even in the best of times. But in the worst of times, it is so essential. I will pray that your boss, co-workers, and company continue to be understanding of your need to be away from work for a while.

    In His love,

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