Peaceful Home

Stephanie’s dream for our home was that it would be a place of peace and rest for people. She wanted all who entered to leave feeling restored and at rest in their spirits. And she wanted that for all of us. Her kids would grow up in a warm, safe, and peaceful home where they could take refuge from the world. And I would be able to come home from work and shed the burdens of the day and be ready for the next day. This was one of her many missions as a housewife. She made such a godly pursuit out of creating a home for us to live in. It was so much her life dream and she did everything to attain that.

Some of the women in our families have done similar, and I know she learned so much from them. In addition to them, I have learned so much from Stephanie. Because I’m not Stephanie, though, I pray so hard that I can maintain that air of peacefulness and rest in my home. It’s easy to be afraid that I might not live up to what she has created for us. She had that sensitive spirit that could really feel the Holy Spirit, and I don’t have that the way she did. It was her spiritual gift to be able to discern spirits, and I miss that. I depended on her for that so much. But I just hope that I can use what I do have to keep our household just as she kept it.

I do pray that people would be able to come to my home and feel that rest and peace. It’s something I always wanted along with Stephanie, and it’s certainly something I will still strive for constantly.

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  1. That is soooo Stephanie :) She was the best at making you feel so important and really listened to what you would have to say. I'm sure you will do the same, Brad.

  2. Just beautiful. Just today I was reading in my woman’s Bible verses about hospitality and loving others and really feel the Lord tugging me to be more of that in my heart. I believe when we really want to and may not have it there in our hearts He can help us be that hospitable person. We all should strive to be that kind of person. I wish I could have met or known Stephanie, she seems just beautiful.

  3. I love this. This is something I want for my own home, as well. Just remember, though, that the Lord knows your strengths & weaknesses. Do your best, and He will fill in the gaps. Because there will be gaps. God’s not surprised by that, and He will certainly take care of you & your sweet babies.

  4. Brad, Oh how I wish I had met Stephanie. She sounds like a very Loving, Awesome Spiritual women. I at least am getting to know her and your family through your blogs. Thank You so much for them. I pray that even though this is all so terribly painful that you are finding some comfort in blogging also. Love to you and your family.

  5. I’m certain that you are doing a fantastic job of providing Brady & Halle with a peaceful home – as well as your guests! If the amazing work that you have done with your blog is any indication – there is no doubt that you shall succeed!
    Please know that I am still praying for you and yours!
    Love in Christ,

  6. Brad, I know I’m a little late to the table when it comes to replying to this, but there is no doubt in my mind that your home is going to be a peaceful home. Just remember that as Stephanie had her gifts, you have your special gifts, as well! Use those gifts and bring your desire for a home of peace and rest to the Lord–He will hear you and provide. But I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know, am I?

    I truly hope that you and your family had a wonderfully blessed Christmas!

    Denise Kollar

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