Where do they learn it?

That boy of mine, Brady, yet again amazed me. He and Halle both love taking the cushions off of the couch to play various games. (Are they alone in that?) This is constantly happening, and I have grown tired of putting the couch back together.

So, as is becoming the usual, I asked them to put it back together before we did anything else. Brady says, “Halle, I will do it, because I took it apart.”

I stopped in my tracks. Did he really just say that?

Before taking care of the couch, though, he then disappeared into one of the bedrooms. He emerged a bit later, calling me into Halle’s room in order to show me how everything has been picked up by him. Stunned, I looked towards his room, only to be told “Don’t look in there. I haven’t cleaned that yet.”

Moments later, he led me by the hand (with my eyes closed, of course) to a grand reveal of his room and how wonderfully it had been picked up.

No sooner did I overcome my disbelief that I found that he had somehow managed to put the couch back together, too.

So, I will no longer hesitate to ask him to clean up. Nor did I hesitate to give him a treat tonight for doing so much without being asked.

2 thoughts on “Where do they learn it?”

  1. Just last night my son took the cushions off our couch and made me ‘a spot’ on the floor. He’ll be 8 this summer and still enjoys pulling the cushions and all the pillows onto the floor and making something new. While we don’t make forts, animal cages or gorilla’s nests anymore, I always love when he uses his imagination like that. I hope Brady and Halle continue to pull the pillows off of your couch for many years to come because there’s nothing more fun than playing pretend with your children and seeing all of the places they will create for you.

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