A good day

Stephanie had two seizures in the early morning on Sunday, October 3, so we were taking it very easy during the day. She was getting much rest and relaxation. She was feeling much better with no petit mal seizures and no indication that she would have another seizure. (It’s called an aura when someone can feel a seizure coming on. She did not have this aura all day on Sunday.) My mom had taken the kids and Stephanie and I had a great day enjoying time with each other. We spent some great time having devotions with God and talking about the kids and about us. The plan was for us to reach our 50th anniversary, at least. We also spent a good amount of time praying and talking to God about everything, and lifting up Brady and Halle to Him, as well as Stephanie’s seizures and praying for family, etc. It was such a wonderful time together, and we were so glad to be done with the seizures earlier that day. I was anxious for Monday when I would be able to call her doctor and talk to him about what had happened.

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  1. I know things have changed, but this entry makes me smile. This is one to cherish.

    Remember to let others stay strong for you when you cannot. You and Stephanie are truly great people.

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