After a great day together, 10:08pm on Sunday, October 3, brought the third seizure in 24 hours and the fourth in five days, which was unheard of before this week. It seemed like a normal seizure for Stephanie until she reached the post-clonic state (this is an unconscious-like state which follows the seizing that most people associate with a seizure).

During the post-clonic state, she was breathing strangely, taking deep breaths every 8-10 seconds. It wasn’t long before I realized that was the only breathing she was doing. Shortly after that, she stopped entirely. It had been a long time, but I did the best I could remember to give her mouth-to-mouth, calling 911 soon after that. I was instructed to keep up the mouth-to-mouth (and given a refresher in how) until EMS arrived.

While EMS was at my house, she had a cardiac arrest, which would end up being the cause of all our worries. They were able to restore her heartbeat and were helping her breath as they transported her to Marymount Hospital, where she was taken the previous times I had to call 911 (in December and March).

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