Marymount Hostpital has been wonderful to us, and we love Stephanie’s neurologist who works from there. After getting her settled and working on her for some time, they realized they did not have the capacities for what was going on and needed to transfer her to the Cleveland Clinic (Foundation). Before she was transferred, she was having more seizures. They were more like shivers because of the medications she was on helping to settle them down. She was flown to CCF and set up in the neurological ICU, while we waited for 2+ hours to see her again.

The doctor came and talked to us about the lines they needed to run to administer medications, and also about getting her stable. Her main point was that we get the seizures to stop. To do this, they were going to sedate her until her brain activity calmed down and the seizures stopped. After they stopped, they could start to bring down her dose of sedative and see how she responds, whether she had seizures still or not.

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