How about we lighten the mood a bit?

Tomorrow is shaping up to be a potentially difficult day through and through. “MRI Day” was a letdown on that front, but tomorrow could be the day that I hate forever. So, I need a break from that stuff.

Stephanie and I love Cleveland. Yes, we know: we’re the odd ones out. What’s there to love, right? For us, it’s just about everything. From silly stuff like that weird Free stamp in the middle of downtown to practical stuff like the fact that it’s in Ohio where SO many big companies exist (try Sherwin-Williams, Progressive Insurance, Diebold, Stouffer’s, Little Tikes, or Arby’s). We are locals, very admittedly.

And that brings up the picture. We’re at the Cleveland Clinic, one of the top hospitals in the world. (Have I thanked God for that lately?) I was wandering around a bit when I found the sign in the picture and noticed just how much neurological stuff they do here. Floors 3 on up all have at least something to do with the brain, and some of them epilepsy. I can tell you where we’ll be coming after Stephanie recovers from all of this. But that would ruin the surprise, so I won’t.

So, in short, I say you should move to Cleveland. And Stephanie agrees.

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  1. Brad – I know, right? Cleveland is our home. For better for worse. When I went into the Army in 1984 I thought I was never coming back to live in Cleveland. By the time I got out in 1988 I could not wait to get back. It was (and is) home. By the way, in an odd sort of coincidence, the Cleveland Clinic is why the Mirrotto family is in Cleveland. My grandfather had MS, and at the time the Clinic was the best hospital in the country for treating it. He moved the family here, and here we are still!

  2. Brad
    I heard about Stephanie from Kelly and Todd. I work here @ the clinic on the 9th floor EMG lab. You are right this is pretty much the best place for Stephanie to be. We are #1 in the nation for cardiac and #6 in the nation for neurology. It’s a huge place, I don’t know if you have been up to the observation deck (ask someone in a red coat for directions) It’s just a nice quiet place with a good view to sit and reflect if you need a little break from that ICU waiting room. We love how you love your wife and the Lord and we are with you in spirit and prayer.

  3. My hope soars—–for you, Stephanie, Brady, Halle—- and for the world!!!!! how our God uses ‘just one’— as He did!!! I have not felt like this since April…..and my father in 1978 was at the Clinic and the shah of Iran was in the room next to his…. The world is hearing about Jesus’ healing love through your story, dear Brad. Our God reigns. Bessings, honor and glory forever.Amen

  4. I’m with you both on this one…Cleveland is an awesome city in so many ways (tho’ the 30ish degree days are pretty nasty, slushy & gray,yuc)….today was about 70 I think and it was perfect! Sunny & fall like… then there are those 10 degree days that are crisp & cold, but sunny & blue skies which I love, if I choose to stay here in winter, I prefer that. Major league sports, with hopefully a championship some year, the Cleveland Orchestra! CWRU & many fine institutions in that realm, Playhouse Square – the largest theatre complex after NYC…wonderful melting pot of nationalities and religions!…well you get the idea! I too am a major Cleveland proponent & I surely understand what your talking about. I have appreciated reading your thoughts and pray for your continued strength Brad.
    take care…JoAnn Hardony

  5. I’ve been following your odyssey and praying for your family ever since your Uncle John posted of Stephanie’s seizures. I just have to chime in about your comments about “The Best Location In The Nation”. We were exiled to MA ten years ago and can’t wait for my dear hubby to be retiring so we can return. I take special delight whenever they talk about the best hospitals ranked by U.S. News(?) each year and the Boston anchors have to say that Cleveland Clinic is number 1. Although I don’t know you I want you to know that I’ll be praying for your family and your situation.

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