This post is just a few things to note, but are important to me. First of all, I know so many people have offered to help and want to do something. While Stephanie and I are the types to try to do it all for ourselves, I have learned over the years that it is just as selfish to deny help that is offered as it is to deny offering help.

I in no way like asking for things or feel like I deserve any more from anyone than I’ve already gotten – and that is all the love, support and prayers and friends and family. Temporal gifts are certainly useful in this life, but I have been blessed beyond measure through all of this and have no expectations of people or of God that haven’t already been far exceeded.

But, again, I know some of you want to do something, and I understand that, at least for some, it is a way for you to grieve with me. With that in mind, and especially with having my dear Brady and Halle, I have set up a memorial fund for Stephanie that will be used for hospital bills or daily necessities for me and the kids. It is at my discretion how to use it, but please know that I will my the wisest choices I can with the money I receive, whether it’s $5 or more. Again, no obligation to give, but for those who want to, here is the info:

Make checks payable to Fifth Third Bank with “LUCZYWO FUND” in the memo and submitted at any branch or sent to Fifth Third Bank, 7414 Broadview Road, Parma, OH 44134.

Also, you can see the online obituary posted via the funeral home.

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  1. Brad,

    Thanks for setting up this fund. I’m sure you were a little conflicted about whether it would seem like you were asking for money. But those of us who are grieving your loss appreciate the opportunity to do “something” to continue to show our support.

    I will continue to pray and thank God that he is walking with you on this journey.

    On my own grief journeys I have learned how to walk with others and I have used that knowledge to reach out to others during their times in the tunnel. You have a long road ahead of you but you are not alone.

    Give yourself the grace to grieve the loss of your precious wife. Let your tears flow. Yes, you have the blessed assurance and peace that you know where she is and that you will one day be with her.

    But you still have the physical, empty loss that comes from being out of her presence. Dwell in John 11:1-43. The shortest verse in the Bible, John 11:35 is also the most powerful. Even though Jesus knew that He would raise Lazarus to life, He wept at the pain that His friends were enduring. Jesus has raised Stephanie to life with Him, but He weeps with you at this time at the loss of her presence in your life.

    God bless you my dear Christian brother.

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