I’m sure I’ve probably mentioned this before, but I can’t help but bring it up again because it just amazes me every time I think about it. What I’m referring to is the amazing power of God and how He works through us, His people. I don’t fully understand how it is that He wants to work through us, but boy does He.

I was reminded of this today while at the funeral home and got to meet a few people face-to-face who, as of two weeks ago, wouldn’t know me from a hole in the wall. And yet, today, they were so concerned for me that they came to bless me and my family with their sympathies.

Sure, maybe you can try to convince me that it’s just human nature to care for others. But this is different, and if you’ve felt the love of Christ as expressed from one person to another through the Holy Spirit, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Words can’t describe it and our minds can’t understand it. As I think on these things, it’s not so much the love of other people that overwhelms my heart, but rather the love of God and realization of how much He cares for someone like me, who is really just a speck on this rock of a planet.

I have to say it again: thank you all for how much you have loved me and my family and cared for us. God’s love knows no bounds. Awesome!

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  1. Your perspective is amazing, Brad. Our God is awesome, and He’s continuing to use you, especially since you have a heart that’s willing to be used!!!

  2. Dear Brad,
    Don’t be amazed by the love, serving and care that you receive by your family, friends,and those who don’t know you! It is God’s holy provision that not only will HE never leave you or forsake you, but that you have Christian community to hold you up and help you through the storm. Jars of Clay latest CD says it perfectly in their latest, Shelter. Here let them say it for me:

    In my prayers and thoughts,

  3. Hi Brad,
    We pray for you in your grief, my brother. In spite of the tragic loss of your bride, your faith, hope and love are true blessings and rich encouragements to me personally and to the body of Christ as a whole. May God, your Shepherd, hold you close to His heart as His precious lamb as Isaiah 40:11 says.

  4. Brad, I have been following the past two weeks like many others have, who did not know you, Stephanie or your children, but I have to say, you have made it so easy to care about your precious family. I,like many others prayed so hard, thinking day in and day out about Stephanie. I wondered how everything was going, and I couldn’t wait to get home and back on my computer to read your words, and find out how the events of that day unfolded. I continue to pray for your and your families. Your faith, and your love for God has been so inspiring, and you are so right, He is an Awesome! I will continue to pray for you, especially tomorrow, which I know will be your toughest day yet. God Bless you and yours!

  5. Brad,
    I did not know you nor Stephanie personally but as a member of CVC, of course heard of you 2 weeks ago and joined in amongst the many prayer warriors. You and your wife have simply AMAZED me, HUMBLED me, and have made me feel God’s presence beyond measure. Today at church, I met you face to face for the 1st time ever by the childrens rooms as you were dropping off your precious children. I expressed to you my sympathy as well as told you I felt you words are amazing!! I meant that more than you could imagine! I sat through worship in tears to God’ for my blessings and thankfulness of so much in life I so often take for granted. God’s has worked miracles through you…It is just one of those things we will not understand till we enter his Kingdom. You and your family will reamin in my prayers. My love goes out to you all, I so wanted to come hug you as I saw you standing in the back of the room, but seeing as you don’t know me, chose to resect your privacy. Brad – you are a good and faithful servant – WELL DONE! Just as Stephanie is entering pardise, I am quite sure her and our Saviour are smiling down on you!!!
    One more thing, you are right, people want to help…..please accept it!!!!
    In God’s love,
    Vikki Milano

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