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I’ve been thinking a lot recently about God’s story. I have not held back when talking about how important I think it is for people to share their stories. And I have obviously shared my story as openly as I can. My deep underlying reason for that is because of my conviction that it is all part of God’s story.

In the time I have spent thinking about moving on and my future and marrying again, I feel like God has really helped me zoom out to see these events as part of the larger collection of pages and chapters, rather than just as individual paragraphs. This isn’t “my story” or “Stephanie’s story” or “our story.” All of the events of my life and her life and my kids’ lives — and your life — are simply little bits and pieces of this grand novel that God is writing. And while you can’t judge a book by its cover, you can certainly read the title. This one isn’t called “So-and-So’s Life”; it’s called “God’s Story.”

We can’t read ahead and we don’t know what’s on the next page but we do know how the story ends. And the theme throughout it all is God’s love, despite whether or not page 357 has a catastrophe or page 792 tells of some great accomplishment. You wouldn’t explain the story of Moby Dick by talking about the relationships among the sailors and forget to mention the great white whale for which the story is named. Similarly, why should our lives be about us rather than how God can show himself through our events?

I want to live each day with the explicit intent that each moment points back to Him and not to me. When I have done that even semi-successfully, I have been stunned at how much the stress and worries of life begin to fade away, and it makes me even more determined to remember Who this is really about.

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  1. Hi Brad, Thanks for reminding me about “God’s Story”. I have been looking for a family to be a nanny to for 5 months now! I keep telling myself to be patient and let him prepare just the right family for me! What you said is so true and I think we often forget it! In the meantime, God’s give me encouragement constantly!

  2. Absolutely love it. How amazing that God continues to use you to bless us! (And I love the Moby Dick reference, of course. The English teacher in me is so proud:) I’ve been doing this study on covenant and have been in awe as I begin to discover how God CHOOSES to use us to accomplish His story! I mean, He could do it all on His own. He could do anything. But He continues to use us and mold us and work with us and pursue us. It’s incredibly humbling and just…well, I guess there aren’t any words to describe how awesome it is that He loves us that much.

  3. Brad, thank you! I like how you mention we are all part of God’s story and when trouble happens, it’s on page 792. My page 792 occurred when my ex-fiance and I broke it off… by many accounts others would say, “But you guys were so good together.” God, thank you for ending this relationship, even though there is a period of time in which you go through, God’s story is always bigger, always better than my own. So what if we were picking out colors of the dress, first song to dance to, what Pastor or Priest will officiate? I am in the next chapter and I can see God opens new doors, new opportunity, new relationships. I am now praying to God about a girl who I’d like to date. And the chapter on my next job to advance my career. Thank you for posting, Brad!

  4. God’s been speaking to me very similarly lately and has challenged me to be willing to be made willing to do whatever He asks of me. I long to be a part of His story but sometimes, my fear gets in the way. Sometimes I look only at what I’ve lost when my husband died and not the closeness with God that I have gained. I want to do all the things God has impressed on my heart to do – even if that means doing things I don’t want to or am afraid of. I want to do my best for God, and I am trying to teach my children to do the same. I want to love deeply again even if it means getting hurt. I am honored that God has chosen me to be a part of His story even in the midst of pain. I can’t wait till we are all in heaven and see the most beautiful story woven together as only God could weave it. He is awesome. Thank you Brad for sharing your story with me. God has used it to challenge me and help me to press on with his goals in mind. He has also used it to heal parts of me that I wasn’t acknowledging. Thanks Brad.

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