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Halle has been commenting a lot recently on her lack of an earthly mother. Just as I have been straightforward with them, both Brady and Halle tend to be very matter-of-fact about it.

First, it was after hearing The Cat in the Hat read out loud. At the end, it asks the reader what she would do if “your mother asked you” what you did all day. Halle responded semi-indignantly, “We don’t even have a mother.” I’m constantly thankful for the resilience of children that she could make this statement without a tinge of sadness. (Of course, there’s also a part of me that is sad about her lack of sadness.)

Then, after a show talked about families being made up of a mother and father, etc., Halle again commented on her lack of mother. My mom explained that Mommy is in Heaven and how one day we will see her again if we believe in Jesus Christ and His sacrifice to cleanse our sins. Halle’s response was to ask if it would be a long time. “Yeah, it will be a long time before you go to Heaven,” my mom answered.

“Then I’m going to need to take a nap in the car.”

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  1. Hello there…been trying to email you personally and don’t seem to have right email address. I am not a facebook/techy person, but have something to send you today, after all this time. I love the Lord very much and my husband and I have been praying for you and your sweet son and daughter for the last couple of years. Please reply back in an email so that I have your address to send you a song that I wrote in honor of your dear wife, Stephanie, as well as a friend of ours, Robb Lott. They both went home to be with Our Lord around the same time and I deal with things through writing out my prayers to God in song…done this since I was a little girl. I am certainly no professional which is why I normally don’t share the songs I write but simply record them with my husband’s help. Anyway, I finally felt a tug to send this to you today for some reason. The email will explain more. Love to you and your precious ones today…from a Sister in Christ
    Joshua 1:9
    Wendy Cole

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