The Best Things

As hard as things can be with the kids, they of course make life an absolute joy, as well.

Brady is the sweetest little boy ever, and he has such incredible compassion and always has. He always knew how to be good for Stephanie when she wasn’t feeling well and he would cuddle her and tell her it was okay. He’s doing the same for me. I mentioned in my previous post that I suggested we watch a movie and eat popcorn, then started crying soon after. While still in the bath, he put his hand on my arm and gently rubbed up and down in order to comfort me. After getting out and while I was cleaning Halle, he gave me a great big long hug from behind and told me how much he loved me. He also constantly reminds me that he loves me and Mommy and Halle (and sometimes even the dogs). And he affirms that “Daddy’s the best and Mommy’s the best and Brady’s the best and Halle’s the best. We’re all the best.” Like I said, he’s such a sweetheart.

One morning this past week, he had grabbed a framed photo off of Stephanie’s dresser before I got out of bed. It was a picture of her and I from our honeymoon. I didn’t realize he had taken it until I came out to find that it was properly standing up on the couch where he was playing. He told me that he wanted it there because he missed Mommy. That borders on being one of the hardest things, but it’s good to me to know that he understands as much as can be expected (and then some).

And then there is Halle. She is just like her mother in so many ways. One of those ways is that when she is in a good mood, it bursts forth out of her like sunshine and you can’t help but end up in a good mood just watching her. My baby girl can make me laugh so hard just from watching her bounce around so happily. She babbles excitedly and has such personality and always knows what she wants. It’s a great deal of fun to ask her questions just to see her shake her head with conviction either yes or no.

And I know that God loves these little children so much. For all the grace I feel that He has given to me, it is exponentially greater towards them. I thank Him for that. And I thank Him for the best two things in my life: Brady and Halle.

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  1. Everytime I read your posts I always have a tear or even many tears in my eyes…not always of saddness , but sometimes of amazment of how amazing your faith is and how wonderfully strong you are. To often you don't see such good fathers. Your children are very blessed to have you as their dad. Keep up your strength and know that I am still praying for you and the kids.

  2. Brad, Your two children are such a blessing! They are beautiful and it’s like brady is giving you what you need, The love he feels you are missing! I thank God that you have them and they have you! Still praying and thinking of you and your children often! This spring or summer we should get a bunch of us together at the zoo! That way the next time after that, that you go to the zoo you can remember stephanie but also remember the great time you had with others! Praying constantly ! :)

  3. Everytime I read your posts I always have a tear or even many tears in my eyes…not always of saddness , but sometimes of amazment of how amazing your faith is and how wonderfully strong you are. To often you don't see such good fathers. Your children are very blessed to have you as their dad. Keep up your strength and know that I am still praying for you and the kids.

  4. Love this post and love your kids!!!! What a great story about Brady and the photograph. Although I teared up when reading it, there is such a joy in my heart that he understands so much and that he’s able to express so much! And these are the stories he’s going to want to hear (along with stories of his mom, of course) as he gets older. I love that this blog is something you’ll be able to share with both Brady and Halle! I’m overwhelmed with the assurance that our Redeemer lives, and His grace is working in your life and all around us:)

  5. Oh Brad, Brady does sound like a little sweet heart! Kids mimic behaviors they see. He is being to you, what you were to Stephanie. While reading your posts, I can hear all the love that you share with your babies. It’s so sweet! It sounds like you have amazing kids, and that just doesn’t happen by luck! They have an awesome example!!!

    Love in Christ,

  6. I am so pained by what has happened to you & your beautiful family, but I am so blessed – directly – but what you have turned it into. Brad – I wish that I could show you the MANY lives that you have touched! I had previously sent you a donation reflecting $1 for every one in my life whose eyes you have opened (I wish that it could have been more). It is safe to say that I could not afford to do that again as you have touched so many people in my life :>. All I have to do is send out a link to your blog – and YOU work miracles!!

    I pray everyday – sometimes several times a day – that God stand by you, Brady, Halle AND Stephanie – and Bless each of you in life and in spirit – as much as you have Blessed us (including mere strangers such as myself). Brad – I also pray that you reap in life all that you have given. This post about Brady rubbing your arm, and Halle’s sunshine personality, is pure music! It seems that God has sent you the perfect angels in Brady and Halle!!!
    And they, with the most amazing father! You are such a blessing in this world!
    Love in Christ!

    1. What incredibly sweet and kind words you have spoken to me. I can’t thank you enough for all you said. Thank you, as well, for the financial gift you gave (I unfortunately have no way of knowing who sent in money directly to the bank, though I can see the amounts). I am so glad to know the impact that God is providing through my story, and so glad that He is working miracles through me. Thank you for sharing with me what is being done, as it provides me comfort to know that God really is using everything for His good – even if it’s not my good.

      Thank you again for your kind words. They are such a blessing to me and really mean so much.

  7. I just returned from a funeral in New Jersey. My uncle, a Godly and tender man died at age 92. I was taken by the fact that not one person cried while we were at the calling hours or the funeral. No one. Not even his daughter.

    And I got to thinking about Stephanie and how everyone cried. There wasn’t a dry eye.

    It led me to think about something even more–the impact my uncle had was while he lived. His job was to lead others to Christ while on this earth and he did that in a mighty way. And now he is in glorious Heaven.

    Yes, Stephanie impacted people while she was on this earth, but her impact is now–here–after her entrance into glorious heaven. The people who have come to know Christ, renew their faith or just start to think in spiritual terms because of her death is powerful stuff. She has even literally saved the lives of those to whom she donated of her physical self. Her job was to bring people closer to Christ and she is doing that in a mighty way.

    We don’t know how long out time on earth will be. To live to 92 or 32. We just know we are called to share Christ one way or another.

  8. Hello Brad,

    I was wondering how Stephanie’s family (mom,dad, etc..) and your mom and dad are doing with missing her. I think others would love to hear how the others right around you are doing. I briefly met her immediate family at the night of the wake and they were such welcoming, wonderful people. Maybe a post/blog of how the families are doing can be your next post. I’m still praying He keeps His HOLY comforting hand on you. Because of Christ we can see our loved ones again who have put their faith in Him. There is nothing in this world more important than choosing Him here NOW. I’m presently listening to a song on the Fish that just said in its lyrics…”help me remember that this is not my home.”

    Praying for you and your families,

    1. Thank you for the post suggestion. I will make an effort to write such a post, though I don’t want to share anything someone wouldn’t want, so I might have to keep it purposely vague. I have no reservations about sharing my own life, but it’s not my right to do that for other people. But, I will consider it and try to write something at least. Thanks for asking.

  9. Dear Brad,
    My sister-in-law said after my brother (her husband) died suddenly she kept looking in the mail for cards, support, I guess…but I began to think…how hard it must be for you. That is, the support dropping off. I’m not even sure I could do or get through what you are going through now. I know God is always there. Have gone through some terrible blows in my life when I thought I just couldn’t take another breath (like the nite my son tried to commit suicide). And I’m sure God was with me all those times. But like yourself, in the moment, you feel you just can’t go on. It is such a difficult feeling to deal with…losing ones spouse. I think about my husband every day as he walks out the door to work (he is 61) and ask myself “how much longer before one of us gets sick?” Your story, your life, has made me appreciate my husband much more. He is a lot like your wife, loves God, vibrant, funny, and always has a plan of what we will do for the evening. I love him! I pray the Lord gives you strength and peace. His Blessings for the journey, Amen! Ardy Quast

  10. Brad
    I am so thankful that you are still writing. I’m glad that you are able to find some joy in your little ones! They really do sound sweet. I am still praying for you and your family. You are not forgotten! Praying for God’s peace and joy to fill your heart and home especially as Christmas is approaching.
    Love and blessings!

  11. Brad- just wanted to let you know I’m thinking about and praying for you, Brady, and Halle today on Thanksgiving! I’m hoping that you find some comfort and peace!

  12. Dear Brad, I continue to pray for God’s Blessings for you, Brady and Halle. I also pray that you find Peace today as you celebrate Thanksgiving. The holidays are so much harder. Thank You for continuing to leave messages. Your strength and words of wisdom are so profound. Love to you and your family

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